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$125.00 USD / Yearly

Institutional Memberships

Basic - $2,000 USD / Yearly

Knowledge Partner - $5,000 USD / Yearly

Founding Partner - $10,000 USD / Yearly

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Support the transformation towards an economy and society that works for all changing management practices one step at a time.




Benefits (for Individuals):

  • Access to a global network and like-minded members
  • Engage with international working groups
  • Access the latest humanistic management research
  • Participate in a global conversation
  • Expand your reach by engaging with academics, practitioners, policy makers, media professionals and beyond
  • Start new projects supported by a global association
  • Become a facilitator of humanistic co-creation processes
  • Access teaching material (books, videos, lectures, exercises, case studies)
  • Have access to certification programs
  • Enjoy reduced fees for conferences
  • Enjoy access to Coaching and Mentoring opportunities

Benefits (for Insitutions):

  • The individual benefits (above) for 4 members
  • Join a network of like-minded, global institutions
  • Gain visibility for your institution globally
  • Host conferences in collaboration with IHMA and partners
  • Join research networks
  • Host Humanistic Management activities (e.g.workshops, executive trainings (after certification))
  • Participate in Exchange programs