In collaboration with the Global Jesuit Case Series, the International Association of Jesuit Business Schools, Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education, the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities and more than twenty individual institutions that have donated both time and financial resources, we are pleased to present IgnitEd (Ignite + Education) to the global network of Jesuit institutions. We invite you to join us by sharing and using curriculum, registering for conferences and searching our database for likeminded colleagues for networking and research collaboration purposes.

IgnitEd will enable us to work loosely together towards the furtherance of our common mission and values by creating shared space where all programs and initiatives within the network are housed. Resource-strapped institutions will benefit by gaining access to curricular and professional development tools already proven successful at the micro-level at other network institutions.

IgnitEd is a mutually beneficial platform allowing each individual organization to maintain their brand identity while still being part of a larger entity designed to meet varying needs. For example, a user may come to the site to register for a conference, but while there, realize that there is curriculum hosted on the site for use in the classroom. A platform that offers a variety of ways to engage also increases awareness of each individual school or organization while showcasing the impressive efforts of the network as a whole. For accrediting and tenure application purposes, IgnitEd can provide analytics to demonstrate impact of submitted curricula and offers a generous 50/50 split of any sold objects.

Like all new platforms, IgnitEd is dependent upon both creators of content and users in order to fulfill its mission to serve faculty, administrators, students and alumni at Jesuit institutions around the world. In addition to case studies for the Global Jesuit Case Series, we welcome submission of individual curricular exercises, books, etc. and can just as easily provide the technology to support entire centers and organizations. Finally we welcome conferences held at Jesuit colleges and universities to use our robust conference management tool that can handle every step of academic conference management. Please explore Ignited.Global to learn more about ways to engage.

At the 2010 gathering of the presidents of Jesuit colleges and universities, the former Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Adolfo Nicholas, S.J., made the following call to action:

“To be concrete, while regional organizations of cooperation in mission exist among Jesuit universities, I believe the challenge is to expand them and build more universal, more effective international networks of Jesuit higher education. If each university, working by itself as a proyecto social (social project), is able to accomplish so much good in society, how much more can we increase the scope of our service to the world if all the Jesuit institutions of higher education become, as it were, a single global proyecto social?" (p. 75)

It is our vision that IgnitEd will answer this call.


A.N., S.J. (2010, April). Networking Jesuit higher education: Shaping the future for a humane, just, sustainable globe. Retrieved from https://www.gonzaga.edu/about/Mission/docs/MexicoCityAddressAdolfoNicola...