IAJBS 20th Annual World Forum Sogang University, Seoul, Korea

Mobilizing the Worldwide Jesuit Network: Collaboration for Global Sustainability

Host: Sogang Business School, Sogang University, in Seoul, Korea
Dates: July 20th (Sunday) to July 22nd (Tuesday), 2014
Venue:  Sogang University Campus located in Seoul
Accommodations: Campus Residential Units & Off-campus Hotels
Google Map: from Incheon International Airport to Sogang University


Theme: Mobilizing the Worldwide Jesuit Network: Collaboration for Global Sustainability

  • Accessing impacts of various on-going IAJBS projects and activities
  • Mapping out ways for more collaboration on our undertakings
  • Leveraging our network to reinforce impacts from the worldwide activities

Forum Structure:

Speeches and panel discussions on issues of practical concerns with deans and executive administrative staff:

  • Student and Faculty Mobility
  • Alumni Networks of Jesuit School Graduates
  • Collaborations and Sharing Research and Educational Resources v Global Partnership among Ethics and/or Sustainability Centers of member schools
  • Regional Groupings and Meetings
  • On-going Projects in the IAJBS Network

Institutions (that may be invited to the Forum):

  • Representatives from Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education
  • Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities In Asia & Pacific
  • Global Jesuit Business Alumni Association
  • Global Jesuit Business Student Association
  • Catholic religious leaders and higher education institutions in Korea
  • Representatives from of PRME and UN Global Compact
  • Experts in the ethics and sustainability issues in and outside Korea
  • Others
For further information on the event, contact Dr. Yangmin Kim (ymkim [at] sogang.ac.kr), Executive Director of International Affairs at Sogang Business School.