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Our Goal

To act as a hub for researchers, practitioners and policymakers interested in the promotion and practice of Humanistic Management and Leadership consistent with the mission and values of Humanistic Management globally.

Our Vision

We envision a society and an economy that works for all. Such a society promotes organizing practices that honors the inherent value of all life and protects human dignity. Management  practices in such an economy promote human well-being and focuses on flourishing of all life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the development and professionalization of humanistic management  research, practice, pedagogy and policy.  To do so we bring together global leaders from academia, practice, policy, media, faith, civil society  and the general public to explore, implement and support practices of humanistic management.

Our Story

More than  decade ago many of us felt the need to gather like-minded humanistically inspired scholars, practitioners, policy makers and civil society leaders that wanted to change the world through better management. We were witnessing the many crises and set off to gather global thought and action leaders to innovate our thinking and practice of management. The International Humanistic Management Association is the global structure to build on these insights and support the professionalization of humanistic management.

Our Strategic Plan

The USA chapter has been working on a strategic plan to guide the growth of the association. The working strategy document can be viewed here.

Affiliations and Associations


IHMA is a UN PRME Working Group on Humanistic Management.

2019 Annual report: IHMA_SIMA Data


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Meet the Managing Team

Consuelo Garcia de la Torre

Prof Dharam Bhawuk

Ricardo Aguado

David Wasieleski

Erica Steckler

Ernestina Giudici

Osmar Arandia

Michael Pirson