Submitted by: J. André de Barros Teixeira

Why is this important to Humanistic Management:

“The H(uman)MBA, Lessons from the Classics of Literature and Philosophy you don’t learn in business schools”, by J. André de Barros Teixeira, is now published in paperback and kindle formats and can be found on Amazon across its marketplaces. A unique approach to linking lessons from 39 great books to our daily reality in business, organizations, and life at large. At a time when humanity, human values, and our planet are faced with so many threats, The H(uman)MBA is a humanistic call to reflection, looking back at the classics to help managers and leaders build a more humane future. Each chapter is deliberately short and contains: – A brief description of the topic in question, hardly taught in a business school. – A reference to the classic book chosen to illustrate the topic. – A few quotes or excerpts from the book in question, and… – A brief guideline for reflection, discussion, or debate. The 40th book is your own book of purpose which you can write around the humanistic values that you selet from the ones presented. Whether you are a seasoned business person, an executive or a junior leader, a student of business or even a non-business reader who treasures human values and truly believes in the importance of being humane, The H(uman)MBA is for you. Find out more here: or at the Amazon marketplace nearest to you. About The H(uman)MBA: