Aqeel Tirmizi


Live Zoom conversation with IHMA Board member Aqeel Tirmizi, where we discuss ways to strengthen individual Responsible Leadership

When: Oct 22nd, 2021 - Noon Eastern


Topic: Responsible Leadership in Practice

In recent years, there have been calls to integrate leadership theory and make it more accessible to practitioners. In addition, it has become evident that we urgently need leadership approaches that are explicitly anchored in practice that allow us to responsibly navigate complex challenges and opportunities of our time. The emergent of field of Responsible Leadership (RL) studies offers an important opportunity in this regard. This session will provide an opportunity to understand a practice focused approach towards responsible leadership. Specifically, it will introduce an integrated framework for responsible leadership practice comprising three competency areas.

Learning outputs:

 Become familiar with a practice focused Responsible Leadership framework

 Understand key competencies of Responsible Leadership practice

 Discuss ways to strengthen individual Responsible Leadership practice

Introductory resources:

 Leadership is Responsibility

 Five Ways to Exemplify Responsible Leadership