Putting Dignity First -Sunday 8/6 12:30pm AAT with CEO Bob Chapman, Raj Sisodia, Donna Hicks and Sandra Waddock

The Worker Front and Center by Honoring the Dignity of Work and Workers

Dear Colleagues,
NYTimes columnist Thomas Friedman argues that we are not witnessing a poverty of money but a poverty of dignity. In fact many current global and social problems can in part be explained by a lack of a sense of worthiness on behalf of "nobodies."
This lack of perceived dignity is also a source of huge opportunity for better management practice and research and the International Humanistic Management Association is inviting you to a special All Academy session on Sunday August 6 at 12:30pm in Hynes Convention Center Room 313.
Everyone is invited. And for those interested in more on this subject also check out the efforts of the Humanistic Leadership Academy (www.humanisticleadership.org).

Abstract and overview of session:
We argue that when you put the worker front and center you honor the dignity of work and that of the worker. By dignity we refer to the intrinsic value of people as invaluable, i.e. priceless. In this symposium several leading scholars and practitioners will explore the concept of dignity as the “highest common denominator” and how it can inform leadership practices that put the human being front and center. Michael Pirson will set the conversation in the context of humanistic organizing practices. Donna Hicks, a leading dignity expert will share the conceptual background and why dignity is such a critical element for good leadership. Bob Chapman, CEO of a Multi-Billion Dollar manufacturing business will share his practical experience putting workers front and center and share insights on how this contributed to a better, more performing organization where "everybody matters." Raj Sisodia, his co-author of a book with the same title will reflect from a scholarly perspective and Sandra Waddock will share ideas on how we can align the needs of workers with that of the environment to address the polycrisis successfully.