In this zoom conversation Raji Sivaraman, M.S. will discuss the role various stakeholders play in addressing sustainability.

Who are the stakeholders in this scene? What roles do they play? Is it just a whim?

Let’s find out with Raji Sivaraman who is a researcher in advanced sustainability. She brings her knowledge from various industries and various countries.

Our Guest

Raji Sivaraman, M. S, PMI-ACP, PMP, PMO-CP Principal of ASBA LLC, a Singapore citizen, helps USA/Singapore companies with strategic planning/overseas startups. Speaks several languages. Worked in Singapore/Thailand/India/USA. Helps fortune 50/500 companies with CSR/BSR/Mobility projects. Consultant, Director, Strategic Advisor and an Advisory Board member for non-profit organizations. Worked in IT, publishing, financial, standards and logistics industries as a lead project manager and implementation manager. Adjunct Professor at Montclair University, USA. Sustainability Researcher, Author, Contributor to Project Management books, published articles, research papers internationally. Global facilitator, keynote speaker, Discussant/Academic chair/Moderator CXO Forum/ Panelist/Agile practitioner. Held leadership positions with the PMI at the chapter/global level, First ever IPMA HackDays Chair. A Pracademic. Distinguished Women leaders of Singapore, 2013.

Raji Sivaraman, M.S., PMI-ACP, PMP, PMO-CP

Principal - Pracademic

Authored books:

Discoveries Through Personal Agility

Making Projects Sing - a Musical Perspective of Project Management


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