The Power of Humanistic Leadership in Practice

On Friday Dec 17th, the Humanistic Professionals hosted Brian Wellinghoff of Barry Wehmiller to talk about The Power of Humanistic Leadership in Practice.

Barry-Wehmiller is a $3B manufacturer and technical service provider with over 200 locations and 12,000 associates around the globe. In addition to 15% compound growth for 20 years, Barry-Wehmiller has architected and implemented a unique brand of Humanistic Leadership that has proven results from the American Heartland to cities of France and Germany. Hear how BW embraced these principles, how it deployed them, and how it continues to make adjustments to maximize human impact inside and outside the organization. This session will include proprietary approaches to listening, recognition, and professor development.

Learn more about their approach with this video about the company - Everybody Matters -

Or get the book: Everybody Matters -

Our Guest: Brian Wellinghoff

Brian Wellinghoff forged his unique perspective as an integral part of defining and creating Barry-Wehmiller’s Truly Human Leadership culture. He directly contributed to multiple chapters in Everybody Matters as well as scholarly research on the BW culture. His quick ascension in the organization led him to be selected as one of St. Louis’s 30 under 30, as he became the youngest corporate Director at BW at the time. Wellinghoff has repeatedly been tapped by CEO Bob Chapman and CPO Rhonda Spencer to tackle the most challenging organizational opportunities- from sales incentives and structure, to cultural communication, to launching continuous improvement, to launching Barry-Wehmiller University, to contributing to external initiatives through the Chapman & Co Leadership Institute.

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