The IESE symposium is organized by Domènec Melé and Joan Fontrodona

IHMA is represented by Michael Pirson and Harry Hummels.


Detailed information about the IESE Symposition here: 22nd International Symposium on Ethics, Business and Society - Barcelona June 19-20, 2023

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The 22nd IESE International Symposium on Ethics, Business, and Society focuses on the role of ethics in managing business in these turbulent times, paying particular attention to how practical wisdom and moral virtues mediate decision-making. Although any conceptual or empirical paper related to the general theme of the Symposium is welcome, we suggest the following tracks:

  •  Full rationality in decision-making
  •  Rational and non-rational factors in decision-making
  •  Practical wisdom and moral virtues in decision-making
  •  Cognitive and motivational biases in ethical decision-making
  •  Philosophical anthropology on decision-making
  •  Religious and theological foundations for ethical decision-making
  •  Teaching ethical decision-making
  •  The role of responsible leadership in a VUCA world
  •  Ethical issues in crisis management
  •  Ethics and corporate reputation
  •  Organizational values in turbulent times
  •  Organizational agility and resilience
  •  Business purpose: a compass for decision-making