Feminine Wisdom Circle

Six globally-respected scholars and professors, from three countries, who have taught management to thousands of students and executives over their careers, and built and led organizations and communities of practice to effect systemic change, will present their personal experiences as women in academia. For far too long the feminine qualities of collaboration, care, compassion and creativity have not been permitted to thrive in spaces where masculine qualities of competition, hierarchy, power, and consumption dominate. As in traditional wisdom circles, sharing personal experience stories will be a way to transfer knowledge, commiserate, cross-pollinate ideas, and get insights that can address many of the problems the world is currently facing by bringing a distinctly feminine perspective.

A Women’s Wisdom Circle to Share Stories of Managing as Feminine (session 447)

Nancy Adler, Judi Neal, Sandra Waddock, Vasanthi Srinivasan, Kathryn Goldman-Schuyler, Jyoti Bachani