Humanistic Management Lunch and Learn with Dr Craig Nathanson

Topic: The Humanistic Leadership Model

Dr. Nathanson developed the HLM in 2015 to present a new way to lead oneself and others. The model's emphasis is on seeking long-term sustainability and focus on people over profit. While profit is essential for a business, the question is, how does an organization make a profit by working with people in humanistic ways or working over people as a means to an end?

In this discussion, Dr.Nathanson will discuss the top tier of the model as an entryway into humanistic leadership through deeper self-awareness, becoming a systems thinker, and humanistic in our treatment of ourselves and others.



Our Guest: Dr. Craig Nathanson

A current faculty member in the Management Department at the University of San Francisco, teaching in the undergraduate and MBA programs.

Manages certificate programs at Sonoma State University in Human Resource Management, Advanced Human Resources, Professional Sustainable Skills, and Humanistic Leadership.

Dr. Nathanson works with organizations to develop humanistic leadership approaches to working with people. In his work with organizations, he integrates his experience working in various senior management positions in U.S. Fortune 500 companies and over twenty years of research on the intersection of work and mid-life.

Author of multiple books on personal and mid-life development and management, including "The Best Manager: Getting Better Results Through People" and "Joyful Work in the Second Half of Life: The Five Stages."

Dr. Craig Nathanson

A pyramid model for Humanistic Leadership created by Dr Craig Nathanson