44th Annual Society for Case Research & Global Jesuit Case Series Summer Workshop

July 25-27, 2022

Submission Deadline: July 5, 2022

The Society for Case Research invites cases and papers from faculty with an interest in case writing. Submissions can include embryo cases, full case studies, critical incidents, articles, and panels. As in the past, this year’s event will be a great opportunity for you to receive feedback from other case writers about your cases, critical incidents, and embryo cases.

Also part of this summer’s workshop will be our popular case writers bootcamp, to be held immediately preceding the regular workshop sessions on Monday, July 25, 2022.

Society for Case Research 2023 Annual Meeting 

March 22 - 24, 2023

The annual Society for Case Research (SCR) conference is a great opportunity for novice and experienced case writers to present cases, critical incidents, papers, and panels, and exchange ideas about case research.  It is held in conjunction with the MBAA International Conference. (See the Call for Papers from MBAA International for more details). The meeting provides a friendly, supportive atmosphere where the focus is not only on improving your work for possible publication but also on developing ideas to enhance learning experiences for students.

Check back for more details.

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