Leadership on the Commons: Lessons for Government, Corporations, and NGOs

On May 21st 2021, the Humanistic Management professionals hosted Randal Joy Thompson to talk about: Leadership on the Commons: Lessons for Government, Corporations, and NGOs.

The session was in conjunction with our marketing partner The International Leadership Assocaition and our education partner Humanist Learning Systems.

Our Guest

Randal Joy Thompson is an international development professional who writes on leadership, commoning, and the arts. She has traveled the globe as a USAID Foreign Service Officer and then as a consultant and is facilitating dream-making better futures through her social network Dream Connect Global

New book: Proleptic Leadership on the Commons: Ushering in a New Global Order

Resources Mentioned: 


Elinor Ostrom's commons research https://evonomics.com/the-woman-who-saved-economics-from-disaster/ 

Catharyn Baird – http://ethicsgame.com/exec/site/index.html 

3 Key Points

  1. Examine own perspective first
  2. Do you see the interconnections between your organization and others organizations and do you include that in your deliberations?
  3. Are you willing to really sit down and look at your ethical values?



Resources on Commons Leadership from Randal Joy Thompson