46th Annual Society for Case Research & Global Jesuit Case Series Summer Workshop 2024

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Donald K Vanderholm Alex Bolinger

How Do We Know if it Worked? Evaluating the Rebrand of Lookout Credit Union

This case describes the decision and implementation process of a major rebrand of Lookout Credit Union, a regional credit union headquartered in Pocatello, Idaho. The credit union had been closely associated with Idaho State University for decades, but made the decision to rebrand in order to mitigate consumer confusion and to more accurately reflect their expanded product offerings and growing geographic footprint. The case provides substantial detail of the steps in the rebranding process, drawing on interviews with members of the credit union’s executive team, and provides an opportunity for students to consider how they would evaluate whether or not the rebrand was successful/effective/worthwhile. This case is appropriate for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in marketing management, consumer branding, managerial decision-making, finance, banking, and strategy.