46th Annual Society for Case Research & Global Jesuit Case Series Summer Workshop 2024

University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND | July 24-26, 2024

The Society for Case Research invites cases and papers from faculty with an interest in case writing.  Submissions can include:

1. Embryo cases - Have an idea for a case?  Create a short draft and identify some learning outcomes.  That's all you need to participate.  Your embryo will receive feedback from experienced case writers.
2. Full case studies - The Journal of Case Studies (JCS) and Business Case Journal (BCJ) publish full-length case studies in two or three issues a year.  Submissions should include both a case and teaching note.  JCS has a late September submission deadline.  BCJ accepts submissions throughout the year.
3. Critical incident - The Journal of Critical Incidents (JCI) is an annual journal that publishes short cases (3 pages maximum) that focus on a single decision point.  JCI has a late May submission deadline.
4. Articles - Both JCS and BCJ accept articles related to case writing.  

5. Panels - Submissions with multiple presenters related to a same topic are also considered for presentation. 

*Manuscript guidelines for the journals can be found at: Manuscript_Guidelines.pdf.  

As in the past, this year’s event will be a great opportunity for you to receive feedback from other case writers about your cases, critical incidents, and embryo cases.

Also part of this summer’s workshop will be our popular case writers bootcamp, to be held immediately preceding the regular workshop sessions.  Led by instructors with years of experience as case writers and editors of case journals, the case writers bootcamp will help those new to case study research and writing (as well as those wanting a “refresher”) refine their ideas into case studies that can be effectively used in the classroom and pass through the peer-review process toward publication in case journals.  

To submit a case, critical incident, case embryo, article, or an idea for a panel discussion to the workshop, click the Call for Papers button on the left side of this page. Submission deadline TBD.

For questions on the workshop please contact the organizer, Patrick Schultz (benjamin.c.anderson [at] sjsu.edu (b)patrick.schultz [at] und.edu), or the SCR President, Cara Peters (petersc [at] winthrop.edu).

For technical questions for the ignited.global submission portal please contact Tracy Couto: tracy [at] ignited.global.

Future Meeting Locations:

  • 2025 Saint Michael’s College
  • 2026 Tennessee State University