46th Annual Society for Case Research & Global Jesuit Case Series Summer Workshop 2024

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Connie Allsopp, Michael Haiden

Cruise: How does a CEO mitigate the risks of autonomous vehicles?

What does a chief executive officer (CEO) of General Motors (GM) or its subsidiary company Cruise, the robotaxi company, say when an autonomous vehicle (AV) causes a grizzly accident? The shareholders’ meeting to discuss this accident and develop a plan to mitigate damages was pending. Kyle Vogt, Cruise’s co-founder and now CEO desired to maintain the company’s competitive edge and grow profits. In the meantime, Vogt pondered how to deliver his views after the near fatal accident. This critical incident (CI) details the AVs October 2nd, 2023, accident, along with risk distribution. It outlines how a CEO navigates benefits and moral dilemmas with partnerships while focused on rapid expansion. The CI encourages discussion of diverse issues and invites students to gain insights on artificial intelligence, leadership, business, innovation and thorny ethical issues. As consultants, students are asked to recommend viable options for GMs challenges with AVs in the transportation sector.