46th Annual Society for Case Research & Global Jesuit Case Series Summer Workshop 2024

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Hakato Hirakubo Craig Davis

Snow Peak

Snow Peak Author 1 Author 2 Case Overview Snow Peak was a Japanese outdoor and camping equipment manufacturer. It also operated and directly managed stores throughout Japan. The business was steadily growing, and it surged during COVID-19. However, as the market shrunk rapidly after the pandemic was over, the company’s profit in 2023 was almost zero. Since the population was declining in Japan, the camping market was not expected to grow. Meanwhile, Snow Peak showed some success in the fashion apparel business. It was also involved in restaurant and home-building. Furthermore, the company opened a lifestyle store that sold indoor furniture, kitchen items, and home decorations. CEO Yanai was planning to aggressively expand global markets as well. This decision-based case is well suited for graduate and advanced undergraduate courses in marketing strategy, management strategy, and international business courses. Research Method The information contained in this case was gathered from secondary sources and has not been disguised. Learning Outcomes (LO) By completing this assignment, students should be able to achieve the following: 1. Analyze the U.S. outdoor and camping market. (LO1) 2. Conduct a SWOT analysis as to expanding the company’s business in the U.S. (LO2) 3. Discuss the pros and cons of brand extension. (LO3) 4. Recommend a growth strategy for Snow Peak. (LO3) Application This critical incident requires students to apply the REACH model to enter a foreign market. Key Words International marketing, global marketing, foreign market entry Contact Author: Craig Davis, 210 Schoonover Center, Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701: Email: davisc7@ohio.edu: Mobile: 917-683-2511