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Vivek H. Patil

The Journal of Jesuit Business Education: An Analysis of Collaboration Networks

Consortia, such as the International Association of Jesuit Business Schools and the Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education, work to enhance the collaboration among different colleagues and Schools to advance business education ideas, such as the diffusion of the Inspirational Paradigm for Jesuit Business Education. In this paper, we use data on authorship (names and affiliations of all authors and co-authors) of all articles published in the Journal of Jesuit Business Education to identify influential scholars or thought leaders who could serve as potential change agents in the field. We use data from this journal as it is a peer-reviewed journal and one of the only journals that has, since its inception in 2010, “been dedicated to the distribution of scholarly work and commentary with a focus on the distinctiveness of business education in the Jesuit tradition” (JJBE, 2023). We use measures of centrality from the field of social network analysis (SNA) to help us in this endeavor. Secondly, we also use SNA to identify institutions or universities that are influential in disseminating ideas, as represented by the affiliations of authors who publish in this journal. Lastly, we develop interactive visualizations of two social networks, one of the scholars who published in this journal and another of their institutions, to help understand the current state of collaboration between co-authors and between different institutions.