Hotel Recommendation

Initial reservation holds have been made. Indicative prices begin at AUD155 per night.

Other recommendations include:

Please note that no holds have been made at these hotels.


A reminder for those who have not yet booked, flights to Australia are limited and it is often difficult to get a last-minute option. Also, you will require a visa which may take time to secure (see here for details). Many countries now have the option to apply electronically for a visa. Please let us know if you need a confirmation letter to accompany your visa application along with the details to be included in the letter.

If flights to Sydney are heavily booked, consider entering the country via an alternative city which is not so busy. Those coming from Europe might consider entry via Perth on the west coast. Darwin or Cairns are good options for those coming from Asia. Adelaide is one of the least busy international airports and may have more spots available.

If you plan to attend the conference please prioritise registration and booking asap to avoid disappointment.