Strategic Management Booklet

Strategic Management Booklet

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November 5, 2019
Strategy & General Management
strategic planning, leadership, Vision plan, Systems process, process improvement, Performance measures, Process Management, Organization Assessment
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Business and Management
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Faculty/Researchers, Graduate Students, Executive Education
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Around the world a new age of quality is unfolding.  Historic global changes in recent years have placed each nation in fierce economic competition with other nations.  Currency value, economic worth, export-import, business competency and resources have all been positioned, reviewed by others with a scrutinizing eye, and decisions made based on collective formulas determining value added relationships.

The growing competition among nations coupled with economic ups and downs has compelled organizations to become both global and self sufficient to meet the changing markets and economic shifts.  Not only do these companies need to focus on improving the quality of their products and services to satisfy customers, but also on strategic positioning and alliances, partnerships that span multiple continents, customer segments, systems, organization structures, etc. They must constantly improve processes, policies & programs to keep pace with the rapidly changing world.

Creating total performance organizations is the key to a unified competitive front.  As successful businesses around the world have shown, a unified performance system helps organizations satisfy and motivate employees, increase productivity and performance and above all, “delight” customers who deserve unsurpassed quality products and services.

Our focus of this report is to provide an overview of sample critical tools necessary to guide development of a performance system.  It is based on our ongoing research and practice with over 50 “world class” organizations