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Social Responsibility Assignment

In-class Exercise
June 21, 2019
Ethics & Social Justice, Strategy & General Management
corporate social responsibility, strategy, critical thinking, corporate social responsibility (CSR), Business Strategy
Area of Study: 
Business and Management
Target Audience: 
Undergraduate Students
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability are like puppies...everyone likes them but not everyone wants to keep them. CSRS, like puppies, is complicated. As a business strategy or even operational decision, it requires significant investment and resources. The what and hows are fulid and potentially challenging, and the whys though noble often don't coincide with the realities and demands of profit and other traditional financial goals. 

Students, like any good scientist need to be skeptical, and dig deeper into the sensible criticisms that plague contemporary CSRS theory and practice. These two small assignments: 1) "Friending and Fighting Friedman" and 2) "Social or just Strategic?" while hopefully help to examine and evolve CSRS thought and action.