Public Response to Education and Prevention Efforts of Covid-19 in Instagram @satgascovididijatim

Indri Wachidah Wahyuni Trisna,
Hariri Ulfa’i Rrosyidah
April 26, 2021
Human Resources & Organizational Behavior, Strategy & General Management
501(c)(4) organizations, and social media., Goverment, covid-19, instagram, arts and sustainability in higher education
Area of Study: 
Covid-19 Research
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Faculty/Researchers, Other Audience
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This research aims to discuss a public response to education and prevention of COVID-19 on social media Instagram @satgascovididijatim and to discuss the effectiveness of media social Instagram as a medium for conveying information to the public. The research method used in this research is a qualitative research method with a phenomenological approach. Data collection by observations, interviews, and documentation. There are two points to these research results. First, the Indonesian Doctor’s Association (IDI) of East Java conducts education and prevention of COVID-19 through the @satgascovidiidijatim Instagram account to the whole community especially the East Java community, to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus. Secondly, the community gives responses that are cognitive, affective, and behavioral responses. These responses state that Instagram account @satgascovididijatim is one of the effective media for delivering messages of education and prevention of COVID-19 to the public through social media Instagram.