Skill Sheet
Activity #1: The Shuffle
Activity #2: Smoke Alarm of the Future

Problem Solving Module (with Skill Sheet)

In-class Exercise
July 29, 2019
Entrepreneurship, Ethics & Social Justice, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior, Strategy & General Management
SOLVE, leadership, team challanges, group approach
Area of Study: 
Business and Management
Target Audience: 
Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, Executive Education
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This module includes: 1.) curriculum related to CLC’s problem solving model including the SOLVE acronym, teaching notes, reflection questions, and more; 2.) two classroom exercises to help students practice the model and apply their learning; 3.) the SOLVE Skill Sheet (i.e., rubric) for measuring student growth and helping educators guide the debriefing process after the exercises have been completed. 


A core activity of leadership is problem solving. The SOLVE acronym provides a simple model to help the leader and team navigate the challenges ahead. First, it’s critical to set roles – who will lead? Who will keep time? What role will each person take in the activity? The next step is to outline the problem. This means that the group has a clear understanding of the task at hand. Once the group has a clear understanding of the task’s parameters, it can begin listing multiple strategies for completion. Once multiple strategies have been listed, the group can veer toward consensus and continue to evaluate results even as they implement the chosen strategy. It’s not rare that the group will need to readjust if the chosen approach is not working.


Collegiate Leadership Competition is a nonprofit organization focused on researching leadership development and using that knowledge to create resources that will help move the field of leadership education forward. CLC’s underlying theory is that leadership skills are primarily strengthened through deliberate practice.