Journal of Critical Incidents - Volume 8 (Fall 2015)

February 28, 2023
Accounting & Finance, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Ethics & Social Justice, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior, Marketing & Sales, Operations, Strategy & General Management
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This is the full preview of the Journal of Critical Incidents - Volume 8 (Fall 2015). Individual cases with the associated teaching notes can be found by searching the case title.

Urban Outfitters Bloody Mess 

  • Bradley W. Brooks
  • Steven M. Cox

A Hijab Not Quite “The Look”

  • Claire L. McCarty
  • Ali Fatih Dalkilic
  • Olca Surgevil

OMG! He Said What? (A&E’ s Duck Dynasty Situation) 

  • Barbara Schuldt
  • Jeff Totten

The Missed Deadline: Whose Problem Is It?

  • Gillian Stevens
  • Edwin Portugal

A Community Unraveled: Police Shooting in Ferguson, MO

  • Charles P. Wilson
  • Shirley A. Wilson

Service Unbounded: A Contract Management Dilemma

  • John Barczak
  • Elizabeth H. Jones
  • Scott Shindledecker

Say It Isn’t So Lady “O”: A Sex Scandal at the Oprah Leadership Academy for Girls

  • Barbara Burgess-Wilkerson
  • Barbara K. Fuller
  • Nathaniel Frederick II

After Hours

  • Marley Hartman
  • Sondra Simpson

Seeing the Light or Tilting at Windmills? The Case of Richards-Townshend 

  • Keith Hunter
  • Monika Hudson
  • Karl Boedecker

The GoldieBlox Video: Copyright Infringement or Fair Use? 

  • Jessica A. Magaldi

An Inventory Letter from Carter’s to Kohl’s – What Could Go Wrong?

  • Jeffrey Miller
  • Jeffrey Strawser

Old Dog, New Tricks: Staying Relevant in the Digital Era

  • JoAnn L. Atkin
  • Michael McCardle

Profit and Inventory Under IFRS and GAAP

  • Gabriele Lingenfelter
  • Abby Brooks

Refuge: A Place of Safety or Danger

  • Timothy Redmer

Heritage Health Resources

  • Scott Shindledecker
  • Dawn Grissom
  • Elizabeth H. Jones

Inventory Management at the Theme Park 

  • Matthew VanSchenkhof
  • David Baker
  • Jessica Cox

Whose Back Do I Scratch?

  • Eric Nelson
  • Denise Oas

August First Bakery & Café Pulls the Plug on Laptop and iPad Use

  • Paul E. Olsen

The Language Barrier

  • Sondra Simpson

Lululemon Athletica and a Series of Bad Marketing Decisions 

  • Jane Thomas
  • Cara Peters

Finding the Perfect Strategic Partner for an FDA Approved Drug 

  • George Whaley
  • Jessica Brown

Deployment or Demotion

  • Elizabeth H. Jones
  • Anthony J. Mento
  • Gregg T. Zavadasky
  • James N. Van Daniker


  • George Kelly

Leonidas Mining on the Edge

  • Patricia Lontoc
  • Edwin Portugal
  • Ramon Ramos

The Race to the South Pole: Lessons in Problem Solving, Planning, and Teamwork 

  • Patrick L. Schultz
  • John J. Vitton
  • Nikolaus T. Butz


  • Sondra Simpson

Sam Cooper: To Stay with the Family Firm or Not!

  • Neil Tocher
  • Alexander R. Bolinger
  • William E. Stratton
  • Scott C. Tysor

Save the Whales? A Public Relations Crisis at Lego

  • Paul E. Olsen

Just What Constitutes Protected Concerted Activity in Social Media Use by Personnel? 

  • Asbjorn Osland
  • Nanette Clinch

The ALS Bucket Challenge: The Good, the Bad, and the Money

  • Cheryl B. Ward
  • Diane R. Edmondson