Journal of Critical Incidents - Volume 7 (Fall 2014)

October 1, 2014
Accounting & Finance, Economics, Ethics & Social Justice, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior, Marketing & Sales, Operations, Strategy & General Management
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This is the full preview of the Journal of Critical Incidents - Volume 7 (Fall 2014). Individual cases with the associated teaching notes can be found by searching the case title. Website Failure 

  • Andrew S. Borchers
  • Kevin Huggins
  • Jeff Crawford

Buttercup Farm: Is She Crafting A Hobby Or Business?

  • Timothy Brotherton
  • Donna Smith

Datsun Returns: Reviving A Brand

  • Nakato Hirakubo
  • Craig Davis

The Controversial Launch Of Kiva In The United States: Mission Drift Or Market Extension?

  • Robert Mittelman
  • Asbjorn Osland

Eastman Kodak: Facing Disruptive Technological Change

  • John Vitton
  • Patrick Schultz
  • Nikolaus Butz

What Shall We Do About The Cooks?

  • Elizabeth Jones
  • Anthony Mento
  • Elida Lynch

Peeling The Cultural Onion: Navigating An International Assignment

  • Fredricka Joyner
  • Eric Nelson

Tattoos In The Workplace

  • Asbjorn Osland
  • Nanette Clinch

Taking The Ire Out Of An Irate Customer 

  • Marianne Collins

Return Fraud

  • Roy Cook
  • Reed McKnight

The Customer List 

  • David Green
  • Joe Thomas

Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun Unless You Share With Everyone

  • Mallori Kleeman
  • Sondra Simpson
  • Mohsin Haque

Whistleblowing – To Tell Or Not To Tell: That Is The Question

  • Denise Oas

Coca-Cola Company’s Public Relations Nightmare

  • Janet Rovenpor
  • Rose Klimovich

I’ve Left, Do I Still Come Forward? 

  • Jennifer Cordon Tho
  • Lizabeth Barclay

Strategic Consumer Choice: A College Student’s Dilemma

  • Parag Dhumal
  • Michele Gee, Qi Zou

Winnebago’s Use Of LIFO

  • Karen Foust
  • Michael Hogg
  • Christine Smith

Agrana’s Joint Ventures

  • Karen Foust
  • Michael Hogg
  • Christine Smith
  • Mengqi Yu

Breadmaking 101: Pricing For Profits

  • Ann Hackert
  • Jeff Brookman

Cash Flow Classification – As Long As It’s On The Statement, Does It Matter Where?

  • Jeffrey Miller
  • Joseph Kavanaugh

Mortgage Concentration Risk In A Small Depository Institution

  • Robert Tokle
  • Joanne Tokle

Smile Train Donors Not Smiling

  • Cheryl Ward
  • Diane Edmondson

Gridlock At Bay Gray, Inc.

  • George Whaley

Facebook IPO

  • Joseph Younkin
  • Gabriele Lingenfelter

The Human Side Of Logistics 

  • Poonam Arora
  • Peter Hanges
  • Anthony Bruzzone

South East Exhibitions: Filling Big Shoes 

  • Timothy Burson
  • Zachary White
  • Bradley Brooks
  • Steven Cox

Who Is Training Whom? 

  • Donald Carpenter
  • Kay Hodge
  • Fredricka Joyner

Should I Report Him?

  • Nanette Clinch
  • Asbjorn Osland
  • Natalie Carboni
  • Pamela Wells

“Hey! Worm!”

  • Frank Dattile
  • Sondra Simpson
  • Elyse Jacks

The Family Business: Opportunity Or Obligation To Join

  • Jacinto Gavino
  • Edwin Portugal
  • Miguel Anton Suarez

A Hasty Firing – Disaster Or Opportunity

  • Sambhavi Lakshminarayanan
  • Evelyn Maggio
  • Savita Hanspal

Evolution Of A Manager: Career On The Line

  • Anthony Mento
  • Elizabeth Jones
  • Joseph Dilworth

Age Discrimination At Texas Roadhouse, Inc.

  • Bonnie Leonhardt

On The Edge

  • Neil Tocher
  • Alexander Bolinger

Diversity Challenges At Eastern University 

  • Shirley Wilson
  • Harsh Luthar

Gold Peak Tea: Social Media Promotion Gone Wrong

  • Karen Berger
  • David Fleischmann

In Your Face(book): Social Media And Unfair Labor Practices

  • Janell Kurtz
  • Elaine Davis

Rolling Stone & The Boston Bomber: Savvy Marketing, Social Irresponsibility, Or Both?

  • Barbara Schuldt
  • Jeff Totten

We’re Trekkers, Too: How Customer Service Failure Became An Internet Meme 

  • Amanda Weed

Free Speech And Discipline In The Public Sector 

  • Charles Wilson
  • Shirley Wilson