Journal of Critical Incidents - Volume 5 (Fall 2012)

October 1, 2012
Accounting & Finance, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Ethics & Social Justice, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior, Marketing & Sales, Operations, Strategy & General Management
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This is the full preview of the Journal of Critical Incidents - Volume 5 (Fall 2012). Individual cases with the associated teaching notes can be found by searching the case title.

Gender Selection and Sally’s Dream Girl

  • Nanette Clinch
  • Asbjorn Osland

Is It Always Right to Do the Right Thing?

  • Marianne K. Collins

Contagion with Your Sandwich?: The Battle over Sick Leave 

  • Elaine Davis
  • Janell M. Kurtz
  • Kimberly Francis

HIPPA Exposure

  • Tracy Farnsworth
  • Leigh W. Cellucci
  • Patrick Hermanson
  • Linda Hatzenbuehler

Support for Clinical Rotations

  • Patrick Hermanson
  • Tracy J. Farnsworth
  • Linda Hatzenbuehler
  • Cassandra Moore

Early Warning System or False Sense of Security? Concussion Risk and the Case of the Impact-Sensing Football Chinstrap

  • Clifton D. Petty
  • Michael R. Shirley

Art Auctions on the High Seas

  • Jennifer Cordon Thor
  • Lizabeth A. Barclay

The Personal Cost of Ethics: Regal National Bank’s Loan Loss Reserve

  • Richard B. Whitaker
  • Cheryl L. Noll

By the Numbers: A Personal Finance Plan

  • Ann M. Hackert
  • Jeff Brookman

Cutting Teacher Benefits – A Lose-Lose Proposition

  • Darryl L. Jinkerson

What Can the Big Banks Do to Attract Small Retail Customers?

  • Asbjorn Oslan
  • Chunlei Wang
  • Marco Pagani
  • Nanette Clinch

Revenflo: How to Increase Revenues When at Capacity 

  • Cara Peters
  • Stephen Dannelly
  • James McKim

Am I Truly Self-Employed

  • John D. Veal
  • Gabriele Lingenfelter

Red October at ABC Manufacturing

  • Odiri Igbeyi
  • Karen S. Markel

Scenes From a Restaurant: The Challenge of Being Manager and Friend 

  • Kent Kauffman
  • Eric Nelson
  • David Baker
  • Dory Hammond

Linda Calls the Vendor a Liar - Causes a Crisis

  • Sambhavi Lakshminarayanan
  • Raghav K. Madhavan

The Trials of Mr. Takei

  • Anthony J. Mento
  • Elizabeth H. Jones

Restructuring Teams: A Nightmare Comes to Life

  • Anthony J. Mento
  • Ellen D. Hoadley

But What She Did She Want: The Feedback Session that Went to Hell 

  • Anthony J. Mento
  • Harsha B. Desai

Corporate Branding: Will it Help or Hurt a New Cosmetic Product in Japan?

  • Craig Davis
  • Nakato Hirakubo

Drink to Die For

  • C. Rae Foltz
  • Bradley W. Brooks
  • Steven M. Cox

When and Where are Sagging Pants Appropriate Attire?

  • Asbjorn Osland
  • Nanette Clinch
  • Pamela M. Wells

The Missing IT: An Analysis of IT Leadership at a Small Publishing Company 

  • Jessica Reighard
  • Harsha Desai
  • Kiran Desai
  • A.Kimbrough Sherman

The Irate Buyer 

  • Neil Tocher
  • William E. Stratton
  • Jason E. Ormond

The Unscheduled Stop

  • John J. Vitton

The Fire Fighters Charitable Foundation

  • David Greene
  • Joe Thomas

A Social Marketing Campaign for a Non-Profit Organization: Going Global or Staying Local

  • Enda McGovern

Project Mad: Challenge of Work-Life Balance 

  • Harsha Desai
  • Jessica Reighard

Project Kaisei: Entrepreneurship to Potentially Save the Pacific Ocean from Environmental Disaster  

  • George L. Whaley
  • Keith C. Perry