JCI 2021 Volume 14 issue 1

Journal of Critical Incidents Volume 14, Issue 1

January 31, 2022
Accounting & Finance, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Ethics & Social Justice, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior, Information Systems, Marketing & Sales, Operations, Strategy & General Management
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This is the full preview of the Journal of Critical Incidents - Volume 14, Issue 1. Individual cases with the associated teaching notes can be found by searching the case title.

  • Finance Should Cedar Creek Credit Union Close a Low Usage Branch?
    • Robert Tokle, Idaho State University
  • Robinhood or Sheriff of Nottingham?
    • Benjamin Anderson, San José State University
    • Marco Pagani, San José State University 
  • Levi Strauss & Co.:  A Marketing Channels Balancing Act
    • Joyce A. Young, Indiana State University
    • Chia-An Chao, Indiana State University
    • Paul W. Clark, Coastal Carolina University
  • Edmonton Eskimos: Brand Value vs Social Values? 
    • Bradley W. Brooks, Queens University of Charlotte
    • Britt M. Shirley, University of Tampa
  • Takata Airbags- A Case in Corporate Social Media Apologies
    • Danica Schieber, Sam Houston State University 
  • The Grand Ole Opry: The Show Must Go On? 
    • Jeff Cohu, Lipscomb University
  • Goodyear: Navigating a Social/Political Firestorm
    • Bradley W. Brooks, Queens University of Charlotte
    • Gary E. Powell, Queens University of Charlotte
    • Gregory C. Berka, Queens University of Charlotte 
  • No Love for Mac & Cheese 
    • Joyce A. Young, Indiana State University
    • Adiba Fattah, University of the Sunshine Coast Australia
    • Faye S. McIntyre, University of West Georgia 
  • Controversial Children’s Toy Blows Up in CEO’s Face 
    • Paul E. Olsen, Saint Michael's College
    • Ethan Hendrickson, Saint Michael's College 
  • Cheerleaders Fired over Zoom: Was it unfair?
    • Claire L. McCarty, University of Wisconsin-River Falls
  • Plagiarism Charge Haunts Hospital President
    • Paul E. Olsen, Saint Michael's College
    • Alaba Apesin, Saint Michael's College