Journal of Critical Incidents - Volume 11 (Fall 2018)

October 1, 2018
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This is the full preview of the Journal of Critical Incidents - Volume 11 (Fall 2018). Individual cases with the associated teaching notes can be found by searching the case title.

Illegal Procedure? Blackman High School Football Boosters Walk Fine Line to Support Team

  • Donald P. Roy
  • Diane R. Edmondson
  • Cheryl B. Ward

Oneota School for Children: A Nonprofit, Flexible Budgeting Case

  • Brittany Cord
  • Ryan Torkelson

Skimming the Pool

  • Lindsay Meermans

The Miraculous Recovery of Cinnamon Beach: Personal Jurisdiction and Due Process

  • Melony A. Sacopulos

Is Fair Use Fair? Analyzing the Defense of Fair Use in a Copyright Infringement Case

  • Amy Smith

Was “Gluten-free” a Recipe for Theft?

  • Chuck Capps
  • Brad Reid
  • Leanne Smith

Shootout in Texas: A Franchisee Caught in the Crossfire

  • Joyce A. Young
  • Paul W. Clark
  • Paul Schikora

Me So Hungry: Great Tasting Restaurant or Restaurant With Bad Taste?

  • Bradley W. Brooks
  • Cara O. Peter
  • Steven M. Cox

I Think You Need Another Account: The Case of Wells Fargo

  • Steven M. Cox
  • Bradley W. Brooks
  • Dawn E. Chanland

Company Policy Versus Family Peace

  • Neil Tocher
  • Tyler Burch
  • Dennis Krumwiede

Employment Discrimination or Poor Performance?

  • Paul E. Olsen
  • Connor F. Duffy

Jacks, Jills, and the Buffalo Bills: Sexism and Unfair Employment Practices in the Workplace

  • LaCalvince Simpson

Managing a Well-intentioned Rule Breaker

  • Tyler Burch
  • Neil Tocher
  • McKenzie Ferry

Personal Gain or Community Good: When Is It Time to Pass the Torch?

  • Allison Duke
  • Chuck Capps
  • Andy Borchers

American Eagle and the Denim Hijab

  • Karen A. Berger
  • Ankita Singh

A One-time Pension Opportunity

  • Ann M. Hackert
  • Jeff Brookman

Blue Bell Creameries: A Chilly Response to Unsanitary Working Conditions

  • Lisa Burke-Smalley
  • Olivia Young
  • Nai Lamb

Man Overboard Technology: Should Cruise Lines Take the Plunge?

  • Christine A. Ladwig
  • Dana Schwieger

The Oxymoron of OTC Hearing Aids: Mass Marketization of a Personalized Product

  • Nikolaus T. Butz
  • Rachel D. Craig
  • Todd Decker

Should Gracie and Johannes Let Their Son Play Football?

  • Asbjorn Osland
  • In Ae Yang

Fourth Corner Credit Union: A Marijuana-related Business Struggles to Open Its Doors

  • Dale Varble
  • Joyce A. Young

Friendly Laser: Can We Boost Sales?

  • Alla Dementieva
  • Olga Kandinskaia
  • Olga Khotyasheva

Iris Window Fashions, USA Ocean Freight Contracts: Legal and Ethical Issues

  • Robert G. Edmonds
  • Cornelia McCarthy
  • Nina Timonina