Journal of Critical Incidents - Volume 10 (Fall 2017)

October 1, 2017
Accounting & Finance, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Ethics & Social Justice, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior, Marketing & Sales, Operations, Strategy & General Management
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This is the full preview of the Journal of Critical Incidents - Volume 10 (Fall 2017). Individual cases with the associated teaching notes can be found by searching the case title.

Is McDonald’s “Clowning Around” with Ronald McDonald House Charities?

  • Diane R. Edmondson
  • Cheryl B. Ward
  • Don P. Roy

Patches Enterprises Considers a Name Change

  • Timothy P. Brotherton
  • Donna A. Smith

Beansie’s or Bust: The Challenges of Managing a Food Truck Business

  • Paul E. Olsen
  • Connor H. Mitchell

To Consign or Not to Consign?

  • Lawrence Beyer
  • Jessica Johnson
  • Elizabeth H. Jones

Global Blood Therapeutics, Inc.: What is the Best Funding Choice?

  • George Whaley
  • Akshay Gupta
  • Siddhesh Raorane

Acceptance of a Restricted Bequest: Ethical Considerations 

  • Ellen Lippman
  • Teri Grimmer

Apple, Inc., the UAE, and Joplin, Missouri: An Ethical Opportunity?

  • Christine Kuglin
  • Rick L. Crosser
  • Jenna J. Haynes

Benefits Plan Implementation: An IT Ethical Dilemma

  • David Pumphrey
  • Don Carpenter

Is It OK to Bid Again?

  • Britt Shirley

Ownership of a Legal Marijuana Business: Certified Management Accountant Obligations 

  • Rick L. Crosser

From Peanuts to Prison: Applying Ethical Theories of Decision-making

  • Rickey E. Richardson
  • Kyle Post
  • H. Kevin Fulk

Super Bowl Tickets for Five: Acceptable Gift or Possible Bribe?

  • Joyce A. Young
  • Paul W. Clark

Disgruntled Employee

  • Neil Tocher
  • Tyler Burch
  • Dennis Krumwiede

The Himalayan Challenge: Scale or Fail?

  • Ram Kumar Kakani
  • Monika Verma

Do I Smell Weed? Making Sense of Employee Behavior at a Restaurant

  • Eric Nelson
  • Matthew VanSchenkhof
  • Chad Brown
  • Jessica Cox

Developing Trust in the Housekeeping Staff at the Hilton St. Louis Airport 

  • Eric Nelson
  • Matthew VanSchenkhof
  • Emily Westermier
  • Kendall Meyer

Wait or Act Fast? Best Strategy to Recover an Investment

  • Olga Kandinskaia

How Much Student Debt Is Reasonable?

  • Asbjorn Osland

“Cancellation” or Censorship?

  • Asbjorn Osland
  • Nanette Clinch

Managing the Host-Guest Relationship Near the Hollywood Sign

  • Lorraine L. Taylor

Hidden Costs in City Planning: Street Renaming in Providence, Rhode Island

  • Nikolaus T. Butz
  • Patrick L. Schultz
  • Marissa M. Warzynski

Delta Airlines: Not Exactly “Flying High” 

  • Cheryl B. Ward
  • Diane R. Edmondson
  • Lucy M. Matthews

#GreenPoop: Drawback or Selling Point for Burger King’s Halloween Whopper?

  • Timothy P. Brotherton
  • Henry Wai Leong Ho

Trolling Twitter: Defamation in an Online World

  • Jessica A. Magaldi
  • Wade Davis

River Federal Credit Union: The Need for Growth

  • Dale Varble
  • Joyce A. Young

Talon Innovations: How Should Lean Supply-chain Strategy Align with Corporate Strategy?

  • Alex Polacco
  • Kingshuk Mukherjee