JCI 2020 Volume 13 Issue 1

Journal of Critical Incidents 2020 Volume 13 Issue 1

January 5, 2021
Accounting & Finance, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Ethics & Social Justice, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior, Information Systems, Marketing & Sales, Operations, Strategy & General Management
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Business and Management
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This is the full preview of the Winter 2020 Journal of Critical Incidents. Individual CIs with the associated teaching notes can be found by searching the case title.  

Business Law 

  • Contracts No. 1: Judge for yourself A critical incident regarding contract formation, conditions, performance, and breach 

Amy Bryson Smith, Belmont University

  • Ethics and Social Responsibility Facebook Fail: When the Social Media Posting of an Employee Harms the Organization’s Image 

Tyler Burch, Idaho State University Anna Michelle Tempelmann, University of Paderborn Robert W. Lion, Idaho State University 

  • Ford Motor Company: Should we buy a train station? 

Jeff Cohu, Lipscomb University 

  • Credit Union says no to customer’s hijab: Public safety or discrimination? 

Chia-An Chao, Indiana State University Aruna Chandra, Indiana State University Dale Varble, Indiana State University Joyce A. Young, Indiana State University

  • Tina’s Troubles 

Suzanne Dieringer, The University of Tampa Jack “Gil” Smith, The University of Tampa Robert Bassford, The University of Tampa Britt Shirley, The University of Tampa

  •  "Suit accuses CEO of taking $7M" 

Perry Moore, Lipscomb University

  • Pezno wines: The legal and ethical dimensions of in-kind  employee compensation 

Connie O'Brien, Minnesota State University Mankato 

  • Ethics in the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX 

Norma Juma, Washburn University Sunita Rao, Washburn University 

  • To what degree can employers “snoop” through your electronic devices? 

Alyse Pflanz, University of Nebraska at Kearney Bambi Landholm Van Horn, University of Nebraska at Kearney 

Accounting / Finance

  • Will Northwest’s baggage be overweight? 

Ryan Torkelson, Luther College 

  • Lease or buy? 

Ann M. Hackert, Idaho State University Steven Byers, Idaho State University 

  • Undocumented workers, United States taxes, and the responsibility of tax preparers 

Ellen J. Lippman, University of Portland


  • No chicken at KFC:  A logistics debacle? 

Joyce A. Young, Indiana State University Kuntal Bhattacharyya, Indiana State University

  • Managing nuances in performance reporting of a complex program

Te Wu, Montclair State University

  • Sweet dreams: Creekside Maple Syrup 

Karen Popovich, Saint Michael’s College Virginie Pioche Khare, Eckerd College Kristin Juel, Saint Michael’s College

  • Struggling to hire a mechanics manager 

Tyler Burch, Idaho State University Neil Tocher, Idaho State University Dennis Krumwiede, Idaho State University


  • How Should McGraw-Hill Respond to Innovative Competitors to Maintain Market Dominance In the Digital Age? 

Jonathan S. Sales, Bentley University Jessica A. Magaldi, Pace University

  • Pirate Joe’s vs. Trader Joe’s: A gray market fight 

Joyce A.  Young, Indiana State University Paul W.  Clark, Coastal Carolina University Chia-An Chao, Indiana State University

  • Ring security: Peace of mind vs. chilling nightmare 

Kenneth J. Ramaley, Ramaley Group Bradley W. Brooks, Queens University of Charlotte 

  • Zion Williamson: Could Nike’s dream exposure become a nightmare? 

Bradley W. Brooks, Queens University of Charlotte Gary E. Powell, Queens University of Charlotte