Journal of Critical Incidents 2019

January 7, 2020
Accounting & Finance, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Ethics & Social Justice, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior, Information Systems, Marketing & Sales, Operations, Strategy & General Management
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This is the full preview of the 2019 Journal of Critical Incidents. Individual CIs with the associated teaching notes can be found by searching the case title.  

Business Law
  • To Yelp or Not to Yelp: Defamation in Cyberspace 
    Dana Schwieger, Southeast Missouri State University, Christine A. Ladwig, Southeast Missouri State University
  • Maritime search and rescue in the Bahamas: An opportunity or excessive cost for the U.S. Coast Guard?
    Erin Palmer, LT, US Coast Guard, Army-Baylor University, Benjamin Fischl, Capt, US Air Force, Army-Baylor University
    Fawn Helms, US Army, Army-Baylor University, Cory Moore, CPT, US Army, Army-Baylor University, Bryan Spear, MAJ, US Army, Army-Baylor University
  • Let’s Play: Fair Use or Copyright Infringement?
    Jessica A. Magaldi, Pace University, Jonathan S. Sales, Bentley University, Wade Davis, Minnesota State University, Mankato
  • Authentic Plagiarism?
    Matthew T. Carter, California University of Pennsylvania, Elizabeth H. Jones, California University of Pennsylvania
  • Tesla in the Driver’s Seat
    Bart Liddle, Lipscomb University, Leanne Smith, Lipscomb University
  • Injecting Ethics into MD Cosmetics
    Paul E. Olsen, Saint Michael's College, Patrick J. Doherty, Saint Michael's College, Thomas Van Dzura, Saint Michael's College
  • What’s In A Name: A Controversial Brew
    Joyce A. Young, Indiana State University, Paul W. Clark, Coastal Carolina University, Dale Varble, Indiana State University
  • But I Can’t Eat That: Should Babcock Ice Cream Change its Ingredients?
    Pamela Wells, San Jose State University, Linda M. Dunn-Jensen, CSU, Stanislaus, Inae Yang, San Jose State University
  • Tesla: Is the Market Efficiently Pricing or Efficiently Excited?
    Jeffrey J. Jewell, Lipscomb University, Julio A. Rivas, Lipscomb University, Jeffrey A. Mankin, Lipscomb University
  • The Springfield Foundation: A Case for Simplifying?
    Rachel Wilson, Wittenberg University
  • Going Solar
    Ann M. Hackert, Idaho State University, Jeff Brookman, Idaho State University
  • Achieving organizational-wide support: The effective use of a project charter in an enterprise project
    Te Wu, Montclair State University
  • InsulTec: A Small Business at a Crossroad
    Joy Pahl, St. Norbert College, Benjamin Huegel, St. Norbert College, Jamie O’Brien, St. Norbert College
  • When a Plight Strikes: Decision-Making During an Avian Influenza Crisis
    Joy Pahl, St. Norbert College, James Harris, St. Norbert College
  • After Catching a Thief: Internal Controls in a Small Business
    Tyler Burch, Idaho State University, Neil Tocher, Idaho State University, Dennis Krumwiede, Idaho State University
  • Managing in Fear: Handling Hostile Employees
    Tyler Burch, Idaho State University, Jason Cox, Idaho State University
  • Detox or Die: Controversial Social Media Post Plagues Vermont Restaurant Owner
    Paul E. Olsen, Saint Michael's College, Karen Popovich, Saint Michael's College, Patrick J. Doherty, Saint Michael's College
  • Retail Banking and iGen: Now What?
    Mike Behan, Winona State University
  • The Cook County Soda Tax: Unintended Consequences of Consumers’ Behavior
    Sondra Simpson. Elmhurst College, Matt Smith, Elmhurst College, Eilean Roppel, Elmhurst College, Monika Alcheikh, Elmhurst College
  • The Short-term and Long-term Impact of Clearance Sale at Yuri USA, Inc.
    George Whaley, San José State University, Nakato Hirakubo, Brooklyn College, Craig Davis, Ohio University
  • Chinese Detergent Ad Leads to Global Media Outcry
    Karen A. Berger, Pace University