Intro to Adv Class Presentation
Branding Overview Presentation
Brand Establishment Presentation
How Advertising Works
Advertising & Ethics
Sex & Advertising
Advertising Campaign Strategy
Consumer Behavior & Research
Culture and Advertising
Marketing Utility
Production & Development
Advertising Agencies
Industries & Verticals
B2B Advertising
Branding Yourself
Advertising and Product Development
Jumping the Shark
Advertising at its Peak

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July 19, 2019
Marketing & Sales, Strategy & General Management
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Integrated Marketing Communication
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Faculty/Researchers, Executive Education
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What makes a truly great brand? The type that moves you… Gives you goose bumps, makes you laugh, or makes you cry? That makes you feel something? That makes you develop a relationship with that brand?

This class will give you a clear look into the art, science and practice of advertising. We will explore what effective advertising looks like, how to build it, how to make people emote, and most importantly, make people buy.