Chapter 1

Financial Managing for a Sustainable World - Chapter 1

James A.F. Stoner
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June 26, 2021
Accounting & Finance, Ethics & Social Justice
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Business and Management
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Faculty/Researchers, Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, Executive Education
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This is chapter 1 of a new introductory finance textbook consistent with global sustainability. It rejects the existing finance paradigm that the goal of a for-profit company is only to maximize the value of a company to its "owners", and replaces it with a goal of creating superior goods and services while at the same time making meaningful contributions to all its stakeholders including the environment and to social justice and inclusion.  Much of the coverage is the same as traditional finance textbooks, but it adds coverage of how companies that focus only on financial results often do not achieve that end, and how companies can use the UN SDGs as a model for contributiong to sustainability.