From Domination to Partnership: In Business, Family and Society - Full Conversation

May 2, 2022
Economics, Ethics & Social Justice, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior, Inspirational Paradigm for Jesuit Business Education
humanistic management, Riane Eisler, Partnerships, domination, career transitions, leadership, gender, power, influence
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Business and Management
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Faculty/Researchers, Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, Executive Education
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Dr. Eisler addresses the invisible and marginalized factors that affect our worldview, and hence business, organizational, family, and social structures -- all of which are interconnected. She will discuss actions we can take to shift business and social policy including supporting new metrics that, unlike GDP, take into account the economic value of caring for people, starting at birth, and for our natural life support systems. Organized by The International Humanistic Management Association http://humanisticmanagement.internati... in conjunction with Humanist Learning Systems -