Creating Futures Manuscript

Creating Futures: Current-Ideal Model

October 27, 2022
Strategy & General Management
Current-Ideal Model, leadership, mental model, intrapersonal change, behavioral conditioning, internal voices, behavioral patterns, creating futures
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Business and Management
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Faculty/Researchers, Graduate Students, Executive Education
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The Creating Futures: Current-Ideal model is a framework to guide users in capturing their perceptions of current-ideal behaviors on a particular topic or life process.  In the 20 years of exploration of over 800 graduate students the model has evolved as a creative mental thinking strategy to understand current behaviors and alignment, create future idealized behaviors, and paths to get there. Whether focused on topics such as leadership, lifestyle, health, or career the process of creating behavioral statements and rationale can provide clarity on aligning patterns of behavior.  The model has emerged from ongoing developmental research on behavior change lead by Dr. Hart with graduate students at Syracuse University, Utica College, and Le Moyne College. The “mental model” provides a guide to understanding internal voices, candidly identifying current behaviors, both positive (+) and negative (-), and creating an ideal state of behaviors.  Through this exploration and ongoing thinking of current- ideal behaviors students can gain an understanding of the behavioral patterns that create or mitigate their success.  Student success has been captured in reflection statements of value of the model in various courses taken over the past 20 years.  Over 75% of the approximately 800 students have found the process the number one greatest learning of the graduate course taken. This paper explains the historical underpinnings, creative process, and application of the model in academic and professional settings.