Business Case Journal - Volume 5 Issues 1 & 2 (Summer& Winter 1997)

December 1, 1997
Accounting & Finance, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Ethics & Social Justice, Operations, Strategy & General Management
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Business and Management
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This is the full preview of the Business Case Journal - Volume 5 Issues 1 & 2 (Summer& Winter 1997). Individual cases with the associated teaching notes can be found by searching the case title.

Barrick Gold

  • Fred Hebein, California State University - San Bernardino

To Disclose or Not to Disclose: The Public Secret Episode

  • Deborah A. Howard, University of Evansville
  • Larry R. Steenberg, University of Evansville
  • Nancy H. Leonard, University of Evansville
  • Terry W. Mullins, University of Evansville

The Increased Workload and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): The Case of Harvey Livingston

  • Thomas R. Miller, The University of Memphis
  • James C. Hodgetts, The University of Memphis

Metropolitan Property & Casualty Insurance Company

  • Robert Millen, Northeastern University
  • Frederick Van Bennekom, Northeastern University

Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc.: Passing the Torch

  • Daniel I. McCarthy, Northeastern University

The Wolf Education and Research Center

  • John Lawrence, University of Idaho
  • Wendy Lawrence, University of Idaho

American Family Housing, Inc.

  • Rebecca Roseberry, Sam Houston State University
  • Michael Jay Garrison, Sam Houston State University
  • Jo Ann Duffy, Sam Houston State University

VarityCorporation: Health Benefits for Employees or Health of the Company?

  • Peter M. Bergevin, Valdosta State University
  • W. Kent Moore, Valdosta State University

Customer Service Technologies

  • Tom Cook, University of Denver
  • Hugh D. Grove, University of Denver
  • Steve Coburn, Customer Service Technologies

The Indispensable Prima Donna

  • Tammy Bunn Hiller, Bucknell University
  • Paul J. Muir, BucknellUniversity
  • Neal Harrison, Bucknell University
  • Eric Hidy, Bucknell University
  • Sandra Cook, Bucknell University

Crist Power Plant: Planning for a Maintenance Outage

  • Chetan S. Sankar, Auburn University
  • P.K. Raju, Auburn University
  • Michael F. Kler, Superior Telecommunications Inc.

Autonet, Inc.

  • Thomas H. Stevenson, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Maytag Corporation: Reluctant Retrenchment

  • J. David Hunger, Iowa State University

The Mejla Family Tire Company

  • Mark Kroll, University of Texas at Tyler
  • Leslie Toombs, University of Texas at Tyler
  • Jennifer Videtto, University of Texas at Tyler