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Attributes of High-Functioning Teams Module

In-class Exercise
September 3, 2019
Ethics & Social Justice, Human Resources & Organizational Behavior, Strategy & General Management
Teams, teamwork, leading, leadership, challenge
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Business and Management
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This module includes: 1.) curriculum related to attributes of high-functioning teams including the TEAMS acronym, teaching notes, reflection questions, and more; 2.) two classroom exercises to help students practice the attributes and apply their learning. 


Building a cohesive and high performing team is a core activity of leadership. The TEAMS acronym highlights some of the basic attributes of effective teams. First, an environment of trust is foundational to effective teams and leadership. Likewise, leaders understand that emotions matter and they have a responsibility to set a positive and constructive emotional tone. However, they also realize that effective leaders and teams hold one another accountable for fulfilling their roles and responsibilities. Effective teams also set member norms, and there’s a clear understanding of the expectations and behaviors required of each member. Finally, effective teams celebrate and acknowledge the small wins as they work toward their broader goals and objectives. 


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