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Deborah Pembleton

Areeya Property: Sustainable Happiness and Corporate Social Responsibility

Areeya Property Public Company Limited is an "A"- ranked real estate development company listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand since 2004. Areeya has extensive commercial real estate developments throughout Thailand that include community malls, wholesale and retail buildings. The company has recently developed a full range of residential projects to expand the growth of its business, to serve the need of customers and to offset the increasing competitiveness within the real estate industry. Areeya has encountered numerous issues that have hindered its business development: 1. Rising construction costs for projects, construction delays and high turnover of workers, construction mistakes, and labor shortages 2. Construction companies repeatedly hire new workers, typically migrant workers, and that entails training the workers, and loss in time on construction projects. Many workers will then leave the company if another company pay them slightly more. Areeya incurs repeated training and development costs when new workers are hired. How can the company solve these and other issues, while creating a sustainable organizational structure that will support the changes that need to be implemented? What incentives are needed for contractors to benefit? Areeya Property - Company Overview The attached company brochure shows how Areeya has solved these issues.