Jesuit Philosophy

The Jesuit philosophy focuses primarily on educating the person as a whole.

“In the Ignatian concept of service, growth leads to transformation. The ultimate objective is an individual's transformation and, through individuals, the transformation of society.”

Fr. Adolfo Nicolás, Superior General of the Society of Jesus

The GJCS case collection cares not only about what happened, but also cares why it happened, where it happened, and to whom it happened. We care about you, the author, the reader, the scholar, the professional, and the manner in which your experiences have connected personal stories with businesses across the globe.

The GJCS case collection evaluates the impact of decisions and actions from several perspectives ranging from the shareholder’s perspective to employees’ perspectives and those found in the broader society. This more inclusive stakeholder’s approach emphasizes the sustainability of our businesses, societies and planet as it reinforces the link between healthy businesses and healthy and prospering communities.


These original case studies will influence not only students and faculty, but will act as a true conduit for business and social innovations specializing in public-private partnerships, social entrepreneurship, and moral leadership. The GJCS builds knowledge with each case as it determines what works, why it works, and the impact different approaches are having at the individual, organizational and societal level.


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