Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal

Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal (JHE) is a scholarly, peer-reviewed, open access, online journal focused on the development, advancement, and critique of higher education in the Jesuit tradition. We welcome submissions on the scholarship and practice of Ignatian pedagogy in any academic disciplinary or interdisciplinary context as well as how the Jesuit mission is infused in all aspects of higher education, including student life, experiential learning, and other co-curricular activities.

Call for Submissions


Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal (JHE) welcomes submissions exploring the Universal Apostolic Preferences (UAPs) of the Society of Jesus and their implications for Jesuit higher education. We particularly welcome scholarship, praxis, and resource articles that explore the interconnected and integrative nature of the four UAPs:

  • To show the way to God through the Spiritual Exercises and discernment

  • To walk with the poor, the outcasts of the world, those whose dignity has been violated, in a mission of reconciliation and justice

  • To accompany young people in the creation of a hope-filled future

  • To collaborate in the care of creation, our Common Home

We are accepting submissions on a rolling basis.

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