About IgnitEd

At IgnitEd, we believe better business starts with better business education. We also recognize the landscape of higher education is changing, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for educators to keep students engaged while juggling the demands of academia.

IgnitEd supports business school faculty by providing new solutions that help ease their professional burden. Through the IgnitEd platform, members have the ability to:

  • Access an extensive publications library to enhance research
  • Submit to journals for peer review
  • Download case studies and new class resources
  • Share their own resources and measure their impact
  • Register for upcoming conferences
  • Collaborate with peers on a global scale


Working Together

While IgnitEd supports faculty on an individual level, it also provides technical assistance for institutional partners. IgnitEd collaborates with organizations by offering website hosting, conference registration, learning opportunity promotion, and peer review processes.

To learn more about how IgnitEd can help your organization, please reach out to info [at] ignited.global.

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