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James Harris, Joy Pahl

Pixologie: Your Photo Estate Experts

It was late 2020, and Mollie Bartelt was contemplating the future of Pixologie, a business devoted to creating printed and digital archives of families’ photographs, videos, and documents. Mollie had even coined a specific term for this product, naming it a photo estate. The year 2020 marked the first year in the company’s seven-year history that she and her co-founder, Ann Matuszak, were able to pay themselves a salary, despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic. Clearly, some of the changes they had made to the business were paying off, but the future direction of Pixologie was uncertain. Given Pixologie’s business model and practices, key questions loomed as to how best to position their service in the market and how to effectively market a photo estate. Mollie was confident she could grow Pixologie, but what steps should she take?