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Kakenya’s Dream: Creating Global Change through Social Entrepreneurship and Tempered Radical Leadership

Coming from a patriarchal and restrictive society to girls’ education, Dr. Kakenya Ntaiya, Founder and President of Kakenya’s Dream foundation, believed that school was the necessary tool to change the conditions of girls and women in her community. She started the Kakenya’s Dream social enterprise, a non-government organization. Kakenya’s Dream supports and manages three initiatives programs that advance girls’ education in the Maasai Community in Kenya. These programs include Kakenya Centre for Excellence (KCE), the Network for Excellence, and Health and Leadership Training. Kakenya’s Dream vision was to create a holistic educational approach that would support the overall health and well-being of Maasai girls and give them a voice in the affairs of their community. Kakenya Dream has succeeded in creating an educational model for rural communities to empower girls. The challenge now lies in finding consistent funding sources to expand and scale Kakenya’s Dream programs.