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Sarah Richardson Will Caton Eric Nelson

Doing the Right Thing for the Lifeguards at Twin Pools

John recently started a new managerial role for a local pool company with two different locations (across town from one another). He was experiencing communication and harassment issues between another manager and the lifeguard staff that he was responsible for supervising. With lifeguards feeling uneasy because of ineffective communication with the other manager, Barb; the situation threatens to become confrontational. He overhears instances of Barb being erratic and rude to her lifeguarding team more and more frequently. As a returning lifeguard and a supervisor with limited management experience, how can John work toward holding Barb accountable? What can he do to protect his staff? This critical incident is a decision incident. It asks students to examine a relatively common problem for a manager: how to handle a fellow manager who is making other staff uncomfortable and bribing them to be silent.