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Nicole Anderson - Student, Daniel Fortier -Student, Karen Popovich, and Virginie Khare

Dark Magic? COVID-19’s Impact on Small Resort Skiing in Southern Vermont

The COVID-19 pandemic affected many industries, tourism/travel being a hard-hit area. Ski resorts make up a large percentage of the tourism industry and had been negatively impacted from the pandemic. One resort that was struggling was Magic Mountain, a resort in Londonderry, Vermont. Magic Mountain’s new president, Geoff Hathaway emphasized the need to focus on in-state season pass promotion. Hathaway had been able to raise season pass sales to around 40% within the past five years, but it may not have been enough to counter act the income loss due to restrictions brought on by COVID-19. Magic Mountain previously had a niche southern Vermont area market they attracted. However, with the pandemic, other resorts had to switch their target markets. Larger resorts had more resources for advertising to reach potential skiers. For the mountain to maintain their competitive advantage, management must act quickly and efficiently.