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Maria del Pilar Gómez Vallejo, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali Ana María Cuartas Saldarriaga, Pontifical Javeriana University Cali Maria Paulina Echeverri Eastman, Pontifical Javeriana University Cali

Could the experience and professional performance of a CEO as a lider, allow him to transform a Colombian century old organization into a regional development agent?

After more than three decades of decline, the transformation of Colombia’s Sociedad de Mejoras de Pereira would not have been possible without the leadership of Felipe López. Although Mr. López only led Sociedad de Mejoras de Pereira for four years, his experience as a successful CEO of various companies in an intermediate-size city in Colombia, South America, turned out to be extremely beneficial to the organization. This descriptive case study is designed so that students will be able to analyze the factors that made Mr. López an effective leader, including his training, ability to form high-performance work teams, manner of building relationships with followers, and ability to earn the respect, commitment, and support of company stakeholders.