Summer 2020 SCR - GJCS VIRTUAL workshop

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Bradley W. Brooks, Steven M. Cox

Rebranding during Bad Times and Good Times: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Sales were skyrocketing. Market share was on the rise. Its latest product offering was a colossal success and customer satisfaction and loyalty were high (Clifford, 2020). So, why would Popeyes restaurant risk alienating its customers by embarking on a major branding change? Popeyes had hired creative agency Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR) to revise its visual identity to appeal to a changing audience. JKR creative director JB Hartford understood the difficult balancing act between appealing to an evolving target market while maintaining enough connections to the original brand image so as not to discourage current loyal customers. Chair: Jeff Mankin, Discussant: Karen Popovich, Discussant: Richard Peters, Scribe: Casandra Stroy,