Summer 2020 SCR - GJCS VIRTUAL workshop

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David Stehlik

To go or not to grow: An intern’s COVID-quandary

Opening paragraph: "Kelton sighed to himself, “Yeah, we’re facing 2020’s COVID-craziness, and I’m fortunate to be benefiting with extra opportunities to shine, but it’s still merely an internship.” He had just spent the last several hours crafting a rushed report for Samantha, his internship supervisor at Marketspeed. But now, significant concerns about the market assumptions underlying his report began nagging at him. It was such awareness – and the accompanying long hours of revised, nuanced analysis – that had routinely saved him from making novice mistakes and earned his analyses and recommendations praise as, “displaying the sense that comes with experience.” Now, an hour before needing to catch the train out of the city, his first chance to see his older parents since the lockdown commenced two months prior, he was ready to email it to Samantha and let her manage the details. “Anyway, a blemish can be humanizing,” he mumbled, wondering if he was sufficiently self-convinced to act." Chair: Patrick Schultz, Discussant: Kuntal Bhattacharyya, Discussant: Tim Burson, Scribe: Monika Hudson, Zoom: