Summer 2020 SCR - GJCS VIRTUAL workshop

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Kristi M. Bockorny

COVID-19: Is There a Human Resource Dilemma?

This critical incident embryo describes the conflict that can occur within an organization when a new Human Resource issue develops. In 2020, the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) was discovered in the United States and changed the workplace. Individual states have been able to establish regulations and guidelines regarding quarantine. This has caused some issues for employers that operate in multiple states. Dawson Company operates in multiple states and has found itself in a situation where employees have had similar COVID-19 interactions but have received different quarantine recommendations. This causes issues for Dawson Company because employees are needing different amounts of time off from work. This critical incident embryo will analyze Dawson Company’s options. Chair: Julio Rivas, Discussant: Muhammad Mustafa Rashid Discussant: Christine Ladwig, Scribe: Joyce Young,